Sunday, March 28, 2010

passion for the job

Education became the X factor in deciding the future, meaning we specialize on a subject that is going to yield money in the form of a job. Jobs are not made for education, but actually the other way around.
"How much has this world changed ?" is a simple question that can easily tire a mind for answers.
There are innumerable factors that have completely changed in the last century.
* Those days, humanity was "just for living" and not "just for earning".
* We were living comfortably (just enough to live with necessities) with much lesser earnings.
* Life was peaceful (atleast to some extent) without many thoughts.
* Every day activities were simple, regular and planned.
* We had a healthy mind to take the best decisions of life.
* We lived with nature.
* We followed a balanced diet, stayed healthy, and lived longer.
* We were united in a joint family.
* There was quality education. Less subjects and more exploration.
There are many like the above mentioned that have given way "just for earning".
* We either spend beyond our income in enjoying a luxurious life or bring our expenses below the minimum for the future. This is like a two way balance (like what we have in vegetable markets for balancing the quantity of items with the weight bar). Just imagine, you are sitting on one side and your income on the other.
In the first case, we spend a lot from the other side and stay lower.
In the second, you don't spend at all and be at the upper side.
In both the cases you will reach a saturation beyond which you cannot extend to reach your income or savings.
* We have put ourselves in a stage where we have many things to think and worry about.
* We have too many activities everyday and thus get tired mentally and physically very easily.
* Decision making has become tricky with many options in place.
* We go against nature.
* Eating habit keeps changing and life span is varying.
* There is no question of a joint family.
* Quality education has dropped to a very few in number. More subjects and less exploration.

With changes like these happening in the way of living, how many of us think of our life after employment ?
Say that we will continue working for another 10 years ??? and then would have planned to stay home and spend time with family.
I bet we will not stay home throughout.
We usually talk upfront, but we realise later.

I have been thinking deeply about Sachin Tendulkar especially during the last two months, and am amazed by the passion with which he is still playing after two decades.
Just imagine that you are a senior manager in a company and earning in lakhs per month. You shoulder lot of responsibilities, answerable to many, risks in the job, physical and mental stress apart from your family responsibilities and worries. You have just completed 20 years of strenuous employment duties, and in the course have earned in crores that should be more than enough for generations until the global warming become wild.
What will you do at this stage ?
Will you continue to do the management job ?
Have you ever thought about that ?

The moment we are graduated, our prime aim is to get an offer from a top company.
We see staffs of our designation and next superiors.
After an year, we are close to most of them.
One more year, we get closer to the leads.
As years pass on, we get closer to the managers, senior managers, etc,....., top level management.
And in the meantime, we look for a bigger organization.
And, the same goes on... wherever we go.
The moment you feel you are financially very healthy to support the next generation without having to go for a job in spite of regular expenses, you eventually start thinking of ending your professional career.
This man "Sachin Tendulkar" is financially supersonic, and his passion for the game is stronger than his body and fitness.
This man is still too good for quick singles, fielding in the out field, bowling better than some of the regular spinners and medium pacers, batting in his prime class, leading the team, etc...
I feel he is at his best in leading a side. Given a chance he will lead any team in the world with ease.
And most of all, the way he is handling the press and addressing the public is exceptional.
He can answer in the most diplomatic way than an IFS officer or an IIM graduate or any entrepreneur. Have you ever heard a negative statement from him ? He bat the words in a way that they don't hurt anyone.
It's surprising to see why he has to continue playing and strain himself after 20 years. This definitely is not for earning, not for any other motive, but just his passion for the game.
Will we have the same sort of passion for the job we are doing ?


Kishore Gabbita said...

reg sachin , he was just born to play crikcet and play more cricket..god wanted millions to pay and watch him play and so he created us..oh man, i know this is too much..:-)

Shyam said...

I have started believing this "God wanted to play cricket, so he came in the form of sachin tendulkar".

As for ur other stuff that u have mentioned subbu, every1 goes thru the same phase da, its the identity crisis that everyone has that makes u think, not anything else. idhuvum kadanthu pogum, kavala padathey.

Gurunathan said...

As Shyam said, these are something which everyone goes thru...Infact, I am trying to find answers for these questions everyday in my life...the biggest question to answer is "What do you want to do?". Sachin is still doing what he likes and hence he is doing good....The most difficult answer than attaing salvation is "What do you want to do?". Find out and you will be the next Sachin in your field....

fortune said...

Subbu, Good one da. Life is a cycle. Even our fathers would have thought about this in our age.... So romba Yosikatha.....

Rakesh said...

As far as Sachin is concerned, its not just the game for which he has the passion. Its about representing India. you don't get to do that everyday. So why should he throw it away? As long as his body holds good he will and should continue.

As far as our jobs go:- Representing a company is never going to be thought of as an honour. So we will quit as soon as we think "Thats enough, i can't keep up with this sh*t anymore.

Nice post though! you should write often.